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The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett: E149: How I Taught Millions Of Women The Most Important Skill: Girls Who Code Founder: Reshma Saujani

The Episode “E149: How I Taught Millions Of Women The Most Important Skill: Girls Who Code Founder: Reshma Saujani” of “The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

Reshma is the founder of Girls Who Code, one of the most influential non-profits in the world which has introduced millions of women to coding and the tech industry. She is also the author of Pay Up, a book about how to get women further in the workplace.

Reshma was initially a prophet of the thinking that women could have it all, if only they tried twice as hard as everyone else they could achieve anything they wanted to. Now, she’s changed her mind. Trying to run an organisation with over 500 employees while looking after a young family full-time simply proved too much. Women simply have too much stacked against them having to juggle work and family life to properly pursue their careers without special consideration.

What really stands out about Reshma is the fact that having built an enterprise that was on its way to changing the world, she had the humility to change her mind about major parts of her philosophy. Reshma’s story is one of how to realise and bounce back from your mistakes, no matter who you are or how far you’ve come. It takes a lot of courage to do that, but courage is something that Reshma has never had in short supply.


  • Growing up as an immigrant
  • University dept
  • Running for congress
  • Starting Girls Who Code
  • The difficult parts of building girls who code
  • What would you have done differently?
  • Fixing the system not the women
  • How is your mental health?
  • How do you decide what to say yes or no to?
  • Empowering women in a practical way
  • What does success look like in your future?
  • The last guests question




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A few years ago I was a broke, university dropout, living in one of the worst parts of the country, alone, with nothing but a laptop & a dream. Fast forward a few years, I’m the 29 year old ex CEO of one of the UK’s fastest growing companies. That company is called Social Chain. My world is intense, sometimes crazy, always challenging and always unpredictable. This podcast is simple, every week I’m going to share insights with you from guests with different backgrounds, experiences and learnings. I want to give you a look into what it’s like behind the scenes, being an entrepreneur, the deep, dark thoughts that nobody else will share with you and anything else that’s playing on my mind. This is not scripted and I don’t have questions I just see where the conversation takes me. This is the diary of a CEO, I’m Steven Bartlett. I hope nobody is listening, but if you are… keep this to yourself.

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