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One Decision: BONUS: The rogue ambassador who still refuses to cede his post Myanmar’s military junta

The Episode “BONUS: The rogue ambassador who still refuses to cede his post Myanmar’s military junta” of “One Decision

The democratically-elected government he served was ousted in a military coup. Yet, he still refuses to give up or go home. Instead, Ambassador Kyaw Moe Tun remains in New York, pleading his people’s plight on the world’s most powerful stage at the United Nations. We first interviewed him just over a year ago, shortly after he gave an impassioned speech before his fellow diplomats, denouncing the overthrow of his country’s legitimate leaders. How has he managed to keep going? What more needs to be done by the international community to help restore democracy and free political prisoners? He also shares how global powers like Russia and China continue to provide critical support to the junta. As new reports of gross human rights violations emerge, we explore how much worse the situation can get and what lessons can be learned on addressing authoritarian abuses from this dark period in Myanmar’s history.

Tough decisions rattle us all to the core.  But for our guests on One Decision— the choices they are up against can also shape history.  No pressure!  They take us through all of their doubts, emotions and—sometimes unexpected–consequences. A fresh take on foreign policy. Hear the former head of Mi6, Sir Richard Dearlove alongside international journalists as they analyse, interview, and discuss.

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